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Swell Bicycles offers fast and 

professional repair services. From basic adjustments while you wait to 

comprehensive overhauls, we are ready and able to dial you in.  


Corporate Services:

Looking to provide your employees with a unique perk that will set you apart? Swell Bicycles offers corporate clients an on-site bike repair station so staff can have their bikes worked on, while they work. Once a week, once a month, or at special events. 

Wheel Builds:

A well built wheel should be able to stand up to years of rough riding. I have been hand building wheels for 15 years and stand behind my work. All wheels are guranteed to stay true for the life of the rim. I build aluminum and carbon rims with your choice of spokes and hubs. 


Bike Builds:

Come to us with a vision of your dream bike or just explain what kind of riding you want to do and Swell Bicycles will do the rest. We offer builds on new production frames, refurbised used ones, or can connect you with a local builder for a frame made locally and custom for you. 



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